Saturday, November 21, 2015

Acrimony at Jersey Shore Over Plan to Build Protective Dunes

Even in Toms River, which was devastated by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, dune-building remains a point of contention. Residents of the Ortley Beach section of that township have staged protests on the boardwalk and at the State House in Trenton, demanding an end to delays of the Army Corps of Engineers’ plan to build a dune from the Manasquan Inlet to Island Beach State Park.
On Wednesday, the Township Council passed another resolution calling on the Army Corps to move ahead using “all available measures,” which may include having the state take property from residents.
“We regard this project as essential for the community’s survival,” said Anthony Merlino, assistant township attorney in Toms River. Reflecting on Hurricane Sandy, he said, “We’ve been lucky in the past three years that while we’re rebuilding and while the dune project is trying to get off the ground that we haven’t had another storm of this nature.”

Rain in Indonesia Dampens Forest Fires That Spread Toxic Haze
Indonesia has deployed 2,000 army soldiers and 500 police officers to Sumatra and Kalimantan to help local fire crews battle the blazes. The government is also using airplanes and helicopters to drop water and fire retardants.
President Joko Widodo of Indonesia cut short by one day an official visit to the United States this week so he could return home to tour affected areas. He was scheduled to visit South Sumatra Province on Thursday.
Firefighting and commercial aircraft were able to land thanks to better visibility on Wednesday morning in Palangkaraya, the capital of Central Kalimantan Province, and Palembang, the capital of South Sumatra, where flights had been canceled for days, Mr. Luhut said.
The Indonesian government has set up shelters containing air purifiers for families with infants who want to evacuate their homes for health reasons.
Mr. Luhut said that less than 100 people took up the offer in Sumatra and that on Wednesday there were no new arrivals at shelters there or in Kalimantan.

In the Dry West, Waiting for Congress

The Klamath River begins in southern Oregon and meets the Pacific Ocean among the redwoods in Northern California, draining nearly 16,000 square miles. Until recently, who got water and how much had been deeply contentious issues. In particular, the irrigators and the Indian tribes were angry at one another, and the users in the river’s upper basin were angry with users in the lower basin.
But in recent years, something changed. Hostility gave way to compromise. Just about everybody who wants some of that precious river flow has made nice, given and taken, sat down and compromised.
Three major agreements have been wrapped up in Senate Bill 133, introduced by Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon, and several colleagues. The bill is supported by tribes that want to protect the fish; ranchers who want to feed their cattle; farmers who grow alfalfa and potatoes; fly fishermen and duck hunters; ecologists; a power company; and many local politicians of various ideological stripes.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Colorado Blizzard

Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas will experience blizzard condition with heavy snow and strong wind gusts. This is the second storm that hit the areas in less than a week. It is forecasted to bring about approximately a foot of snow, with an inch or two falling every hour. The wind gusts can get up to 50mph. The storm will move eastward on Tuesday. This storm will cause significant complications for those traveling. It is expected to produce slippery and decreased visibility, which can become dangerous. The temperatures are going to drop to the single digits. Temperatures are expected to increase and melt most of the snow during the middle of the week. 

Cold Blob

NASA: North Atlantic 'Cold Blob' May be Culprit Behind Ocean Current Slowdown

 major player in the transportation of heat in the Atlantic Ocean is slowing down and may affect higher latitude climates in the Northern Hemisphere, according to a NASA analysis of satellite data.
The cold "blob" that developed off Greenland may be the drag on the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) by producing very chilly to record cold water, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said earlier this year.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles: Sunny, Dry Week on Tap

Umbrellas and raincoats will gather dust this week in Southern California as dry weather dominates the region.
Monday will be the coolest day of the week despite ample sunshine with temperatures running in the middle 60s F.
Temperatures will steadily increase through the rest of the week, reaching into the upper 70s by Wednesday, then ending the week in the lower 80s.


Train of Storms to Slam Northwest US This Week

A new storm system will march across the northwestern U.S. into Wednesday with locally flooding rainfall and mountain snow.
"The onslaught of heavy rain will continue across the Northwest this week," AccuWeather Meteorologist Matt Rinde said.
A storm system which spread rain and mountain snow across the West Coast on Sunday will continue to track eastward across the Rockies through Monday, allowing the new system to move in.